Types of Honey

Various Kinds of Honey Types and Usefulness

The color of honey varies depending on the type of plant nectar collected by bees. Each type can produce honey bees with different colors, flavors and aromas. Properties also vary, including:

Kapok flower honey believed to increase endurance, heal mouth sores and burns (smeared on the wound) as well as improving brain function, increase appetite, treat fever and heat in, strengthening the function of the brain, is very good for a face mask, as a supplement food or nutrition enhancer body, excellent for toddlers - adults.Rubber flower honey efficacious to increase endurance, heal vaginal discharge, relieve itching, allergy cure, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound), hives cure, heal skin problems such as itching and allergies.Coffee flower honey is very good for a face mask, believed to increase endurance, making delicious sleep, improving brain function and heal burns…

Pure Honey

Distinguishing of Pure Honey
Some people believe distinguish pure honey and false can see if the fluid was surrounded ants or not. However, according to the Thai people it is wrong. Pure honey has several characteristics.

The conclusion was not making this up but based on scientific research. From a series of trials, pure honey remains surrounded little ants when left in the open space. The guide then showed a picture of the shape of tiny ants around pure honey with many - fold magnification.

How do I tell the difference?

1. Distinguish pure honey and fake can by mixing honey with water. Pure honey will not mix with water, in contrast to the fake honey. Pure honey and water such as oil, alone or separately, did not want to interfere.

If the honey and water is put in a plate and rocked back and forth, then pure honey are like a honeycomb pattern forming. Meanwhile, fake honey does not form any pattern, even one with water.
2. Pure honey if taken with a spoon and dropped from a certain h…

Wild Honey

Differences Wild Honey and Farm HoneyHoney is a nutritious food that is highly beneficial to the human body. Aside from being a power enhancer honey also contains a variety of vitamins, mineral and enzymes that are beneficial to health and often we find honey for skin care.

Popularity honey high as medicinal honey benefits makes the need increases. Besides obtained from nature, many people raise bees for honey taken. Then what is the difference between livestock and wild honey? Here is the review

1. Types of bees
Between wild honey and honey bees livestock different types. Honey cattle from Apis cerana type or apis melifera while wild honey from Apis dorsata which is a type of type of bee that can not be farmed (wild honey). The different types of bee hive and produce nectar which of course produces different colors and different flavors of honey.

2. Environmental bee
Flavor of honey depends on the environment in which animals they bred. Usually bees bred in the orchard, rubber or cor…

Milk & Honey

Health Benefits of Honey & Milk

Honey & milk is known have many benefits, include skin care and stamina development. This article outlines the health benefits of honey & milk taken together. For health benefits of honey, you can read this article.

Skin Care: Both honey & milk possessed antimicrobial and cleansing properties. These properties are enhanced when both are together. Many cleaners are prepared using a mixture of honey & milk give glowing skin. One can also enjoy the honey & milk bath, by mixing them in equal amounts. This combination is used in various spas across the world.

Stamina: A glass of honey & milk every day in the morning people are known to increase stamina. While milk contains proteins, honey contains carbohydrates required for effective metabolism. Milk and honey give strength to all, including children and the male and female parents.

Anti- Aging: Honey & milk combination acts not only on the skin but also on the whole body by makin…

Honey on Face

Benefits of Using Honey on face

Honey is a natural substance that has the properties and benefits for the face as well as your beauty. While one of the benefits of honey for the honey can improve the health of our immune system. Because honey contains antioxidants that play an important role in counteracting free radicals.

One of the benefits of honey for the honey facial can be a natural facial moisturizer. But of course there are several ways to used, whether for masks, cleansers, and moisturizers for the face. So how do I use it? Here are some beauty tips by rubbing honey on face.

Immediately following are some ways the use of honey for your skin care.

1. As a skin moisturizer
The way the mix milk and honey, each as much as 2 tablespoons. Make sure the mixture has been thoroughly, and then apply a honey mask on your face. Then let stand for about 10 minutes and rinse face with warm water. For those of you who have dry skin you can use this method on a regular basis so that your face…

Creamed Honey

How to Make Cold Banana Ice Creamed Honey

Packaging materials:

    100 grams of wheat flour
    1 egg
    100 grams of sugar
    1 pack of vanilla

How to Make:
Combine flour, eggs and half of the sugar. Add enough water while stirring to form a dough that is somewhat diluted. Pour 2 tablespoons each and every round and thin omelet.

Ice Cream Ingredients Honey Banana Crepes:

    100 grams sugar
    2 tablespoons water
    50 ml honey
    25 gr of butter
    100 ml of water
    10 pcs bananas
    10 pcs skin Omelet


    50 ml honey
    2 tsp butter
    100 ml heavy cream
    1 tsp corn flour, dissolve 2 tablespoons water premises

How to Make:

Heat 100 grams sugar and 2 tablespoons water, make into caramel. Add 50 ml of honey, butter and 100 ml of water, cook until dissolved.

Put bananas and cook until slightly wilted banana and caramel liquid seep, remove, set aside.

Take 1 skin omelet, put 1 banana caramel previously been cut to resemble a fan. Wrap in Omelet with conical shape