The Benefits of Beeswax for Health

Beeswax Uses
Honey bees known as apis melifera besides producing honey, royal jelly and bee propolis also produce a natural wax honeycomb nest. The worker bees have wax in the body and produce them in the glandular stomach. The size of the glands depends on the age of the bees. When bees leave the hive in search of food these glands gradually accumulate natural wax. Beeswax color is almost white but the color turns into yellow beeswax royal jelly and propolis as storage while in his cell.

What are the benefits of beeswax?

Beeswax is used to produce candles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products. However, few people realize the benefits of beeswax to human health.

Due to its properties of substances do not interfere with the production of bees the human digestive system and therefore all products from the bee can be absorbed by our body without changing its essential composition slightest . Important!! To remember that the solute or encapsulated in beeswax dissolved slowly, so that beeswax is a highly valued product in the pharmaceutical industry.

As Beeswax Utilization of Traditional Medicine

In traditional medicine, beeswax is used as an antiseptic to treat wounds and to clean impurities formed in the ear. Beeswax is also used to treat various diseases of the ear problems and improve hearing.

Beeswax candles or mixed with butter is used to treat the disease known as lupus , beeswax and butter mixture is used as an ointment applied to the skin that is experiencing problems .

Beeswax is also used to heal various wounds and eczema. Since ancient times in the highlands of Scotland, wounds and eczema treated with the help of an ointment made
​​from beeswax and other ingredients such as fish oil and pine resin. Furthermore, beeswax is used to heal burns and prevent transformation into blisters burns.

If In ancient Egypt, the benefits of beeswax used during the embalming process of mummified corpse, to cover the eyes, mouth and nose corpse. It shows the nature conservation beeswax.

In the alternative Chinese medicine, beeswax greatly appreciated. This is because the beeswax has a beneficial effect and improves blood circulation. Beeswax is also very good for the balance of the entire human body. Beeswax also combination with other materials can be used to treat various skin diseases, but also used as a drug against the aging process. In circa 200-300 BC, ancient Chinese doctors recommend their patients to use beeswax to treat various skin diseases their problems. Thus, the area of skin that is experiencing problems with a bandage wrapped and soaked in melted beeswax.

Few people know that the bees wax or beeswax products can be used to treat tonsillitis. If you are suffering from this disease are encouraged to apply on the neck and on the bandage with a layer of beeswax.

In addition, beeswax can be used as an expectorant to treat cough and believe it or not reaction beeswax can stimulate lactation. It is also used to treat periodontitis, inflammation of the nose and even asthma. Thus, to cure periodontitis you can chew beeswax available in herbal stores. Candy bees wax is also easier for the digestive process because they determine the increase in gastric acid secretion. In the stomach, beeswax is not digested, but serves as a sort of ointment that facilitates intestinal transit.

Beeswax also contains vitamin A, which is necessary for the normal development of cells, so that the bees that one product is used to treat a variety of disorders that affect oral health.

Beeswax can also be used in the treatment of spastic colitis and resins that contain beeswax are very efficient to cure disorders of peripheral circulation at levels lower limbs.

However, in most cases, beeswax is used in combination with other products. It is important not to forget that these natural bee products have high levels of carotene. Therefore, consumption of beeswax helps in treating colitis and increase peripheral blood circulation. Beeswax or beeswax is also used in the composition of various health products suppositories, emulsions pharmaceutical, toothpaste and even sweets.

This bee product is also used to treat eye burns caused by caustic soda. Honey and beeswax are very efficient in treating the damaged corneas.

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