Calories in Honey

Calories in Honey - Benefits of Honey and Comparison with Sugar

Calories in Honey

It's no secret that white sugar is one of the foods that you should reduce consumption , not only for those who are undergoing various fitness programs , but for the common person was recommended because it can cause a variety of diseases . Is that honey has a sweet taste can also be used as an alternative? Honey may be less smooth and more natural than white sugar, but honey is still high in calories. Overall, honey may be only slightly healthier than white sugar.

Most nutritionists recommend reducing the consumption of sugar while dieting. Sugar packing in calories and do not have enough vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function normally. The big problem with honey is fructose content of 55 % which is quite large, especially a type of sugar found in fruits. Studies show a high consumption of fructose can lead to several health problems, including obesity, heart disease and liver disease.

Ingredients Calories in Honey

Honey contains sugar and calories like any other sweetener. A teaspoon of honey contains 22 calories commercial nature. Honey actually contains more calories than sugar, for example, a teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories. However, honey is no more fattening than sugar, although overall, honey contains about the same amount of calories as white sugar.

Benefits of Honey

Honey does contain vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and vitamin B6. But there are not too many, so the honey will not only help you meet the USDA recommended daily. The content of vitamins found in honey, it could be a better alternative than a little sugar that does not contain vitamin. As reported Fitday, that claim to bring the wonders of honey largely unfounded and simply a myth. Honey contains only 2 % vitamin.
Honey for Drugs

In addition to vitamins, honey can indeed help you to alleviate some of the disease. For example, honey can alleviate symptoms of the flu, and sore throat. If swallowed, honey will coats the surface of the throat and soothes sore throats. Honey can also suppress the cough. Additionally, if you are suffering form chronic sinus infections, honey can be more effective than other drugs to alleviate the symptoms. Antibacterial and anti - inflammatory owned puts honey sugar above positions.

Natural Does Not Mean Healthier

Honey is a natural product. But the same goes also with sugar. Most manufacturers make white cane sugar, white sugar manufacture natural products. Clearly, nature is not always synonymous with healthy. Your stomach does not matter if you ingest white sugar or honey after entering your bloodstream. All types of sugar should be consumed wisely, even though honey. However, as vitamin and benefits, honey is a good option compared to white sugar.

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