Honey Bee Extractor

Advantages of Using Honey Bee Extractor for Farmers

Honey Bee Extractor Benefits
Honey bees have long been known to humans as a source of food
good natural, unequaled for young and old. Honey bee is produces honey, a natural grace amazing because efficacy it has. Honey bees also produce beeswax, propolis, or bee glue, milk, honey or “royal jelly” and manna (honeydew).
Manna is defined as food from heaven as delicious. Beeswax is the most excellent and produced by worker bees from four pairs of glands located on the side of the lower abdomen, the peak secretion of the beeswax was when the two week old worker bees. One colony of bees consume about 10 pounds of honey to make 1 kg of the evening which serves to accommodate containers of honey, and in the process to make a perfect nest takes 3 months.
Therefore beekeepers extract the honey making honey bee extractor, the completed and harvested honey, can be used again by the bees to store honey container place.

Honey harvesting tool, honey bee extractor, is quite expensive because it is made of materials that anti- rust and the harvesting process more simple and efficient, tool. This highly profitable harvesting honeys beekeepers although for they are expensive to buy but economically this tool will benefit the breeders.
These advantages can be due to a beehive in which already contains honey no longer need to be changed shape to take the honey as the manual method is by way of blackmail that would destroy the nest and lead nest formation will be carried back by the bees so that the process honey production will take longer.
How to remove the honey from the hive is by installing nest
Honey that has been filled to the honeycomb house / tuning tools that exist in this which then will rotate thus releasing the honey from the hive without destroy the nest so that the back can be used again by the bees to production again. Thus the business of harvesting honey can be shortened 3 months to 1 month.
In the honeymoon period 1 that can be generated from one hive of honey bees around 2 kg of honey, then within 3 months will be as much as 6 kg of honey results were obtained in which the market is now the price of 1 kg of honey, then in 3 months, the next benefit will be obtained and it was only produced from one nest. Thus the making of honey bee extractor tool will be very beneficial to increase productivity even beekeepers.

So far, after harvesting the honey bee process, local people throw crop residues nest of honey bees and pollen. And this became the raw material. Preparation of bee’s wax (bees wax) that has many functions and usability. For example candles for aromatherapy, cosmetics raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials etc.

To increase bee keeper’s income, the farmers could trained in how to make candles honey bees (beeswax), so that the nest had been finally disposed of economic value.

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