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Honey Extractor Plan
The honey collected in the part of beehive that named as honey super. Normally, eight till ten frames were filled in the honey supers. Honey bees collect nectar in the honeycomb of a frame. Beekeeper takes honey supers from the hives and extracting the honey when the supers are full. Just before winterizing the hive, this will takes place in the fall.

A rotating wire basket installed in a drum of honey extractor. The uncapped combs are put in the basket and then beekeeper turns the basket manually by hand or automatically with aid of a motor. Because of centrifuge force, the honey will file out from the combs on to the sides of drum.

Below are two common process to extract honey using honey extractor when harvest time coming.

Frames Preparation

To get the frames from the hive to the honey extractor, beekeeper will need certain equipment. The standard equipment that used while harvest: Helmet or hat and veil, gloves, a bee suit, etc. Other tools that needed while honey harvesting is a smoker and hive tool, a hammer, trash bag, a wheel barrow, a sheet of plywood to cover empty hive bodies and frame gripper.

Pick the supers from the hives and moved to the honey extractor area. The important thing is to get the frames to the extracting are without disturb the bees and then getting a honey room full of bees. For this purpose, the bees need to be lightly smoked.

Before loosened each super as well, loosening the hive top with the hive tool and hammer carefully. The honey ready to process on the honey extractor after the supers are collected and taken to the honey house.

Extracting Process

Some equipment need by beekeeper while extracting honey proceed. Main equipment while honey extracting is, an uncapping tank, a five gallon plastic bucket, an electric knife, a spatula, some wets rags and the honey extractor itself.

To keep the floor clean and tidy after the process, put the old newspapers. Also put plastic sheets down before, to keep honey on the floor of your honey house.

Move the frames in the wheelbarrow to the uncapping tank. It is better to place the tank short as possible to the honey extractor, it will very helpful. Keep the distances shortly possible while you need to move the honey from one place to another.

When the frames are uncapped, they go into honey extractor and the honey will removed. Then the extracted honey will run through a strainer from the honey extractor into the bucket. Clean up the honey on the sides of the honey extractor by scraped it with the spatula. Now, honey ready to bottling and then clean up.

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