Honey for Allergies

Honey for Allergies and Cough

Local Honey for Allergies
Honey not only spoils our tongue with sweetness. Many of the benefits provided honey for our health. One can help to overcome cough and allergies.

Antibacterial properties
many centuries of traditional medicine use honey for healing. It turns out that modern research proves honey is beneficial for our health. Research shows honey has antibacterial properties. The study ever conducted on manuka honey from New Zealand. The famous honey could actually destroy certain skin bacteria.
In addition, honey also contains hydrogen peroxide which helps healing wounds. The darker the color of honey indicate the greater the antioxidant and antibacterial honey benefits.

Honey for Allergies
One form of allergy is sneezing because of pollen. For these types of allergies, local honey can help overcome them. Honey containing pollen from plants. Many people consider it so pollen enhancing natural immunity to allergic reactions to plant pollen is the same. Eating two to three tablespoons of honey every day can reduce pain due to hay fever.

Helping Overcome Cough
Studies show it can help overcome honey for cough at night in children. Just one tablespoon of honey could make your baby calm down and sleep soundly at night.

Rich in Antioxidants
Antioxidants are not only found in vegetables and fruit, but also in the honey. Just as dark chocolate and red wine, honey is rich in flavonoid substances that are proven to reduce inflammation and heart disease, decline in cognitive function. Antioxidants are also useful to improve immunity.

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