Honey vs Sugar

Honey vs Sugar - What sets it apart?

Honey vs Sugar
Both sweeteners contain glucose and fructose. But sugar, in the manufacturing process, organic acids, protein, nitrogen elements, enzymes and vitamins in damaged cane, whereas honey, a natural sweetener, only experienced minimal heating. In addition, honey has certain beneficial antioxidant and anti- bacterial properties that are not found in sugar.
The following are three honey nutrition facts that will make you feel better honey:

One tablespoon of sugar or sucrose contains 46 calories, while one tablespoon of honey has 64 calories natural sweetener. Though honey may have more calories, we actually need to use less of it because it tastes sweeter than table sugar. As a result, you will likely consume fewer calories than when using sugar. And in the long run even though honey is more expensive, it may be more economical than table sugar. I was surprised when I first know how many sugars I consume when I drank a can of coke - 10 teaspoons, and 50 grams of chocolate - 7 teaspoons!

Table sugar is sucrose, which is composed of two molecules bound together. When we eat table sugar, our stomach should use its own enzymes to separate the resulting molecule - comely before we can use the energy. Honey is very different. Bees have added a special enzyme to the nectar that divides the sucrose into glucose and fructose - two simple sugars for the body so that we can absorb directly.

Unlike honey, table sugar contains minerals and vitamins bit ( as it is often called empty calories ), they utilize the body's nutrients to be metabolized into the system. When these nutrients are all used, the metabolism of cholesterol and fatty acids inhibited undesirable, contributing to rising levels of cholesterol and promoting obesity due to higher fatty acid on the organs and tissues. That's why obese people usually suffer from malnutrition and other related health problems.


Honey vs. sugar, if you pay attention to your weight, honey will be a better choice than sugar. In addition to differences in nutrition, I think sugar can not compete with the taste of honey. Although both are sweet, honey has a unique flavor that is extremely useful and excels in many foods and beverages. Flower honey varieties range is so vast that each one is unique and we can use it to enhance the flavor of various types of food and make it a separate skill.

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