Is Honey Healthy

Is Honey Healthy for Pregnant Woman?

Is Honey Healthy?
Pregnancy is a natural process that occurs in a married woman, and a very lucky mother are undergoing this process which is a favor from God, because a lot of the wives are with difficulty and in the anticipation of waiting for the growth of the fetus in her womb.

Some people still ask about is honey healthy for pregnant women? While many are recommend honey consumed by pregnant women, because honey is a complete source of vitamins. The recommended dosage is 3 tablespoons twice a day, either taken directly or mixed with water or tea water. In addition to drinking honey, pregnant women should supplement the nutritional needs of other foods. This is so that the pregnant woman and the fetus grow healthy and perfectly healthy.

For that pregnant women should consume various kinds of food are balanced and in sufficient quantities. Pregnant women should be fulfilled the needs iron to prevent anemia (derived from dark green vegetables, tofu, green beans, red beans and other legumes, eggs, fish, and meat). Enough calcium for bone growth (such as beans, eggs, anchovy / small fish eaten with bones, green leafy vegetables) and meet the need for folic acid and spinal nerve growth (derived from fruit and fresh vegetables, beans - beans and liver).

Then order the honey we consume guaranteed quality, and then we should have to know how to distinguish genuine honey (good quality) with non- native honey. Is as follows:

1. If we buy honey, honey that chooses not contain or only slightly foamy froth. But if we choose honey and so much froth honey bottle cap is opened popping sounds, then certainly already occurred in the honey fermentation, resulting in gas and froth (poor quality)

2. Pour honey into a cup that already contains water.
If the honey settles and the water remain clear first, then after mixing new water change color, the honey should be have good quality. But if the current water poured honey and honey color change does not settle, there is no possibility of genuine honey.

3. Buy honey that has been tested in the laboratory, certified by food control agencies.

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