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Honey is a natural food that is known throughout the world. Various types and quality of honey is available and sold in supermarkets now. Among the several types of honey sold, organic honey is among the most expensive in the ordinary types of honey, Organic honey production process requires a more difficult and takes a closer scrutiny than the ordinary types of honey, and this makes the price more expensive than others.

For labeling of organic honey in the honey farm, the farmer must have passed the certification of organic farming certification body, They must meet the requirements of the standards set by the certification body, These standards include farm equipment they use, the location where the bees take nectar from plants, honey extraction, transportation, processing and packaging honey temperature,

To obtain organic certification, farmers must ensure that honey bees were sampled contains no environmental pollutants and pesticides in particular, Certification officer will conduct surveys and monitoring of land within a 5 km radius of the farm.They also perform routine analysis by testing samples of organic honey to ensure that the honey will be labeled as organic honey is honey really pure and not mixed with non - organic ingredients, honey and sugar or antibiotics.

The extraction process also always watched closely, During this process, it must be ensured that the pure and organic honey or mixed with other materials from outside, including dust or pollutants carried by the wind, The highest heating temperature is allowed to honey organic label only to 45C, This is to keep the minerals and vitamins that are in organic honey is maintained. And during the heating process, should not be added to other substances such as antibiotics or other substances with intent to kill bacteria or fungi that are commonly used by breeder’s ordinary honey.

In the packing stage, it must be ensured that the process can still ensure the cleanliness and purity of the honey; Packaging used must also pass the test of certifier of organic honey, overall, organic honey production process much harder and tougher than ordinary types of honey. Because the production process is very strict, organic honey is believed to provide more benefits than ordinary honey. Also the side effects of organic honey can be said to be almost non-existent, In addition, honey tastes better than non - organic. Although the price is more expensive, many consumers are still choosing to buy organic honey with reasons as mentioned above.

Today it is relatively difficult to obtain organic honey is really pure, Because the environment where many farms honey contaminated by pollution, To ensure that the product you buy is organic honey, check the label on the honey that claims to be organic honey before deciding to buy it, Make sure there is a certification label from an authorized certification body of organic labeling, 

Another way to be sure that the honey you buy is really organic, buy honey from honey producers who are already well-known reputation, or you can also buy from the store of your subscription honey, they will surely provide complete information about a type of honey which will buy, Happy hunting honey organic honey and get real benefits for your family.

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