Creamed Honey

How to Make Cold Banana Ice Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey Recipes
Packaging materials:

    100 grams of wheat flour
    1 egg
    100 grams of sugar
    1 pack of vanilla

How to Make:
Combine flour, eggs and half of the sugar. Add enough water while stirring to form a dough that is somewhat diluted. Pour 2 tablespoons each and every round and thin omelet.

Ice Cream Ingredients Honey Banana Crepes:

    100 grams sugar
    2 tablespoons water
    50 ml honey
    25 gr of butter
    100 ml of water
    10 pcs bananas
    10 pcs skin Omelet


    50 ml honey
    2 tsp butter
    100 ml heavy cream
    1 tsp corn flour, dissolve 2 tablespoons water premises

How to Make:

Heat 100 grams sugar and 2 tablespoons water, make into caramel. Add 50 ml of honey, butter and 100 ml of water, cook until dissolved.

Put bananas and cook until slightly wilted banana and caramel liquid seep, remove, set aside.

Take 1 skin omelet, put 1 banana caramel previously been cut to resemble a fan. Wrap in Omelet with conical shape

SAUCE: Heat the sauce over low heat, cook the rest of the banana, add honey, butter and heavy cream, and stir well. Before Thicken the sauce with a solution of shallow corn flour, stirring until the sauce thickens.

Serve: Place the wrapped banana pancakes on a serving dish, add the sauce and ice cream on top.

Banana Ice Creamed Honey ready to be served.

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