Honey Pie

Honey PieHevermut Honey Brown Pie Recipe

Honey Pie recipe

50 grams of margarine
30 grams of sugar flour
1 egg yolk
30 grams of oatmeal, mashed
80 grams of cake flour
1 teaspoon of water ice

Material contents:
25 ml milk
2 tablespoons honey
100 grams of cooking chocolate thick, melted
cocoa powder for dusting

1. Stir ingredients pies.
2. Print in a small pie mold smeared margarine.
3. Oven 20 minutes with a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius until cooked. Chill.
4. Contents: heat the milk. Turn off the flame. Enter dense honey and melted cooking chocolate. Stir well.
5. Contents into the pie. Freeze. Garnish with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

For 37 pieces

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