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Efficacy and honey benefits is indispensable for all age groups. Start of babies in the womb, children to the elderly. Some of the benefits of honey are as follows: On the physical and mental condition declined because of the energy that comes out, will cause the body's endurance and stamina also decreases.
Consuming honey in addition to the regular intake of good nutrition will greatly help restore stamina. The body will be fulfilled nutritional and health will be maintained.

Benefits of honey are not only in its infancy only, also in the elderly where the physical condition and function of organs weakened. Honey as a source of energy and nutrients, it is easily digested and absorbed in the digestive organs in elderly decreasing function.

In the modern era, in which increasingly unhealthy lifestyles and not natural, it will be increasingly felt the benefits of this honey. Honey products are commonly consumed by people today is the product of honey in the form of a viscous fluid produced from honeycomb. This liquid honey products and limited its use impractical.

Innovation flour honey / dried honey powder is very easy to apply in a mixture of dry food mixes are practical, such as for instant beverages, sweetened, flavored food etc...

Wild honey is best material to produce honey powder. Why chosen material from wild honey? This is because that the honey bee with a cruising 20 miles each day it will find nectar of flowers that have a wide range of different bioactive content that complement each other. In addition, because the nectar taken from flowers in the wild then certainly free from harmful chemical pesticides.

Material composition: Wild honey, Maltodextrin (corn starch as filler), High Fructose Syrup, anti cacking tricalcium phosphate.

Processing on low temperature drying technology (below 60 C), so as not to damage the bioactive components that can not stand high temperatures (above 70 C). Her complex bioactive components in the honey should be maintained with the use of technology that has been certified.

Honey powder products are usually used in industrial milk for infants her strict food safety. Types of items for packing flour products in the honey usually in the form of, Premium Honey Wheat, made
​​from 100 % wild honey without the addition of sweeteners and flour Low Calorie Honey, a natural sweetener made ​​by adding fructose to give a sweet taste with a more affordable price.

Serving suggestion:
- Premium: 7.5g to 150 ml of water.
- Low Calorie: 3g to 150 ml of water

Shelf life is a minimum of one year with storage of the product in a cool and dry.

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