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Honey Substitutes
Honey has been used since ancient times. Cleopatra is the Egyptian beauty queen, known as a loyal user of honey in skin care routine everyday. But, in modern times, as now, honey would still work fine? Is not it feels a little out of date when using honey? My answer is yes, honey is still considered one of the magical beauties of the natural resources in the beauty industry. And, it has won the consumer demands from time to time, especially as a return to nature is now. Noted below is the reason why the honey will make your skin look smoother, younger and glowing.

1. Honey has anti- bacterial ingredient. You can use a pure, unprocessed honey all over your face as a mask weekly. I use honey twice a week. At first, I did not notice any difference unless there is a layer of sticky on my face. But, after a month or so, I began to diminish acne without any scars. How pleased I was to find it! Now, whenever pimples appear, I just dab a bit of honey as a remedial action before bedtime. It works wonders.

2. Honey can act as a natural moisturizer because it will hold the water dries on the skin. With time, the skin will be wrinkled. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated so as not to lose elasticity and smooth the appearance of skin. Applying a thin layer of honey to face every day in lieu of a night cream will be beneficial to the skin.

3. Pure honey can be used as a treatment for chapped lips. Before bed, apply a thin layer of honey to your lips and leave it overnight. Do this regularly and you can say goodbye to chapped lips.

4. Honey is a natural antioxidant. But, to get the honey health benefits, we also need to consume each day so it will heal from the inside. My mother always drank a spoonful of honey as a routine part of their traditional medicine. You can also mix honey into tea or apple juice.

5. Honey has a soothing fragrance. You can make your own body scrub using a mixture of honey and raw sugar. After that, your skin will look very moist, soft and glowing. Additionally, you will find peace of mind.

That's the honey benefits to make the skin look healthy and glowing. Now, what if you want a product that has all the benefits of honey without the sticky nature and can be used in every occasion? I suggest you to use the best Milk and Honey series consisting of body lotions and facial creams. It really will nourish the skin and maintain its ability to combat pollutants while at the same time, make acne go away. Let honey substitute your chemical night cream!

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