Milk & Honey

Health Benefits of Honey & Milk

Milk & Honey for Health

Honey & milk is known have many benefits, include skin care and stamina development. This article outlines the health benefits of honey & milk taken together. For health benefits of honey, you can read this article.

Skin Care:
Both honey & milk possessed antimicrobial and cleansing properties. These properties are enhanced when both are together. Many cleaners are prepared using a mixture of honey & milk give glowing skin. One can also enjoy the honey & milk bath, by mixing them in equal amounts. This combination is used in various spas across the world.

A glass of honey & milk every day in the morning people are known to increase stamina. While milk contains proteins, honey contains carbohydrates required for effective metabolism. Milk and honey give strength to all, including children and the male and female parents.

Anti- Aging:
Honey & milk combination acts not only on the skin but also on the whole body by making it agile and youthful. People in many ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Indians drank honey & milk to keep their youth. Because honey & milk ensure long life, this combination is known as the elixir of life.

Anti Bacterial:
Research has shown of honey & milk has a high activity on staphylococcus bacteria than milk or honey taken alone. It is also believed that honey added to warm milk to cure constipation, flatulence and intestinal disorders. It is also good for treating respiratory problems such as colds and coughs.

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