Pure Honey

Distinguishing of Pure Honey

Pure Honey
Some people believe distinguish pure honey and false can see if the fluid was surrounded ants or not. However, according to the Thai people it is wrong. Pure honey has several characteristics.

The conclusion was not making this up but based on scientific research. From a series of trials, pure honey remains surrounded little ants when left in the open space. The guide then showed a picture of the shape of tiny ants around pure honey with many - fold magnification.

How do I tell the difference?

1. Distinguish pure honey and fake can by mixing honey with water. Pure honey will not mix with water, in contrast to the fake honey. Pure honey and water such as oil, alone or separately, did not want to interfere.

If the honey and water is put in a plate and rocked back and forth, then pure honey are like a honeycomb pattern forming. Meanwhile, fake honey does not form any pattern, even one with water.

2. Pure honey if taken with a spoon and dropped from a certain height of about 30 cm, then the flow is not interrupted. That's because pure honey is very viscous, not broken by the motion and small wind.

3. If the taste of pure honey, honey is a bit hard to swallow because of clumping like porridge, not too sweet taste and smell of flowers when ingested.

“Pure honey has gained certification like ISO, FDA (USA), Ministry of Health of Thailand, and is guaranteed" he said, explaining that the Royal Nine Resident of Royal Jelly and also produce a type of sesame produced from honey to flowers stopover. All three are believed to be able to prevent premature aging, maintaining vitality, and treat various diseases.

As reported by the LIVESTRONG there are some benefits if you eat honey:

1. Medicinal honey
A study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in 2007 demonstrated the efficacy of honey in treating coughs in children aged 2-18 years. Giving a spoonful of honey every night before bed effectively overcome respiratory infection that causes coughing.

Other properties are antioxidants, which keep the body's cells from damage caused by the effects of aging. Therefore, if there is no one considers is the recipe for honey who wants to stay young.

2. Honey gives more energy
In the same amounts, a teaspoon of honey is able to devote more energy which is about 21 calories while sugar is only 15 calories. To produce the same level of sweetness, honey also only need to be given in smaller amounts than sugar.

Not just calories and sweetness, honey is also rich in vitamins, especially B - 1, B - 2, B6 and C. Besides that, pure honey also contains minerals such as calcium, phosphor, potassium, zinc and copper with different compositions depending on the type of honey.

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