Types of Honey

Various Kinds of Honey Types and Usefulness

Types of Honey
The color of honey varies depending on the type of plant nectar collected by bees. Each type can produce honey bees with different colors, flavors and aromas. Properties also vary, including:

  • Kapok flower honey believed to increase endurance, heal mouth sores and burns (smeared on the wound) as well as improving brain function, increase appetite, treat fever and heat in, strengthening the function of the brain, is very good for a face mask, as a supplement food or nutrition enhancer body, excellent for toddlers - adults.
  • Rubber flower honey efficacious to increase endurance, heal vaginal discharge, relieve itching, allergy cure, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound), hives cure, heal skin problems such as itching and allergies.
  • Coffee flower honey is very good for a face mask, believed to increase endurance, making delicious sleep, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound). Cure heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcer disease / liver, asthma disease, relieve nausea, and senility.
  • Litchi nectar believed to increase endurance, accelerate urine, strengthen kidney function, cure back pain, accelerate wound healing, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound).
  • Mango nectar merit increase endurance, to wash off the nausea, strengthen womb for pregnant women, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound).
  • Local flower honey, multi-flora honey or honey efficacious forests increase endurance, heal high blood pressure and low blood, making delicious sleep, treating rheumatism, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound).
  • Kaliandra nutritious nectar improving digestion, enhancing hormones, increase endurance, blood cure high / low, making delicious sleep and heal burns (smeared on the wound). Reduce nausea, treat rheumatism.

  • Guava nectar -containing water to make a delicious sleep efficacy, increase endurance, relieve nausea, strengthens the womb of pregnant women, improving brain function and heal burns (smeared on the wound).
  • Nectar rambutan increasing endurance, improving urine, strengthen kidney function, treating back pain, improving brain function, treat stomach ulcers, treat burns, treat cough and asthma, as an addition to the body of nutrients, improving brain function, heal burns (smeared on the wound).
  • Honey bees Gung foodstuffs, beverages and cosmetic medicine, drug life, and restore the vitality of the work, which consists of an organic acid nitric acid, lactate, oxalate, mklat, tartrate that improve blood composition. Streamlining of food in the presence of amylase enzyme that converts peroxide. Increases blood HB, increase appetite because it acts as a stimulatory for the digestion of food, the nutritional supplement in children, and reducing gastric acid levels in gastric disease.
  • Honey Multi Flora / Forest: Improve endurance, and heat treating the fever, treat ulcers, strengthens brain function, treat burns, very good for toddlers to seniors, very good for a face mask.
  • Honey Super Special (Honey Bee Pollan + + Royal Jelly + Spices : Increase stamina, relieve fatigue, slow the aging process of skin, heal pain, prevent bladder stones / kidney stones, prevent heartburn, increase vitality, prevent typhoid, strengthen brain function, treating toothaches, very good for a face mask.
  • Honey Klanceng : Suitable for people with diabetes mellitus, as a substitute for insulin in the body, overcoming impotence, normalize sugar levels in the body, normalizing the function of vital equipment, balancing the body's metabolism, it contains important enzymes necessary for the body such as diastase, peroxidase, and oxidase that breaks down carbohydrates and glucose, resulting in instant energy.
  • Efficacy Bee Pollen: Improve IQ; prevent some cancers, impotent, menopause, infertility, triglicerida, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, asthma, weak capillaries, diet, peptic ulcer disease, prostate disorders, and varicose veins.
  • Super Honey (Honey + Bee Pollen + Royal Jelly) : Improve endurance, improves hormone, strengthening the brain and heart function, repair damaged body cells, accelerate wound healing, relax tense nerves part, relieve fatigue, improve children's intelligence, can be consumed by people with diabetes, it is very good for a face mask, as a dietary supplement.
  • Honey Apples : efficacious drugs for heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcer disease / liver, asthma disease, relieve nausea, strengthens maternal womb, making delicious sleep, improving brain function, increase endurance, decrease body fat, the treatment of wounds burns (smeared on the wound), multi- vitamin, suitable as a daily supplement, gout medications, cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, kidney stones, hypertension, constipation, chronic cough, psoriasis, bronchitis, boils and itching, rheumatism, osteoporosis, pain joints, gallstones, stiff muscles, tumors, migraine, sinusitis.
  • Honey Wilderness efficacious: quickly restore power and help the healing process of osteoporosis (brittle bones), cough, indigestion, pain (sore throat), migraine (headache), heart, teething, sleeplessness treat diseases, burns, and reduce stomach cramps, eliminate the habit of bedwetting in children. It also helps to cure anemia, peptic ulcers (ulcers), inflammation of the intestines and can strengthen the heart and kidneys.

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